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Saying that people are watching a lot of Video Online is like saying that “Apple makes computers”. Sort of doesn’t really cover it, huh? People are watching SO much Video Online that it is almost incomprehensible! According to a recent comScore report “The State of Online Video”:  89 million Americans will watch 1.2 billion videos…TODAY! Online Video Advertisement has grown to over a billion dollars a year as Online Video Viewership has increased more than 600%! More importantly, viewing Video Ads online WORKS! Here’s what Nielsen found:

  • Online Video Ads have a 65% general recall:  TV Ads, 46%
  • Online Video Ads have 50% brand recall:  TV Ads 28%
  • Online Video Ads message recall is 39%:  TV Ads, 21%
  • Online Video Ads likeability is 26%:  TV Ads, 14%

Why? Maybe because TV brings brands only into the Living Room and Online Video brings the brand all the way to the PERSON. Is YOUR business or CUSTOMER utilizing this inexpensive and wonderful advertising tool? Do you have a strategy? How about a Production Company with the expertise and talent to concept, create, and produce your Online Video? Here at Studio Center New Media we:

  • Concept and Write Your Video (we have over 20 Writers on Staff)
  • Cast ALL Talent, On Camera and Voice (check out both rosters on this site!)
  • Shoot, Direct, and Produce YOUR Video on location or in studio (we have two!)
  • Execute ALL Video and Audio Post Production IN HOUSE (we have 31 rooms in 7 locations!)
  • Customize and Execute Your Web Video Strategies and Campaigns

Call us today at 1-866-515-2111 for an In Person or Skype Appointment and we’ll help you with ALL of your Online or Web Video Projects!

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