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Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker

He won six world title belts without a loss, Purnell “Sweetpea” Whitaker was considered the best boxer pound for pound in the world during the sports glory days of the 1980s and 90s.


After winning the Gold Medal in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1994, he went on to win 40 of his 46 professional fights 17 by knockouts.


A southpaw, the personable Whitaker was known for his outstanding defensive skills. But his career began to spiral after two controversial fights, a draw against Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez and a disputed loss to Oscar De La Hoya.


An addiction to cocaine sabotaged his career and led to a two-year prison term.


On July 14, 2019, homeless and penniless, Sweetpea Whitaker was struck by a car and killed while crossing a busy street in Virginia Beach.


The “Life and Death” of Purnell “Sweetpea” Whitaker, is a story that must be told.