Radford School of Business Video

Radford College of Business and Economics Treatment

The videos we'll be creating for Radford’s College of Business are going to be high-energy, eye-catching, and fun! We really want to capture the COBE culture, in and out of class.

The video to the right gives you the “look & feel” that we are going for. The scenes represent Radford's Business students in their environment. Some examples:

  • On their way to class
  • In the trading room
  • In labs
  • In finance club meetings
  • In between classes
  • Scholarship Ceremony
  • Business pitches
  • In lecture

All are beautifully shot and edited with big, bold, fun supers that will look great on a smartphone. The voice-over is just a placeholder to give you a feel of a possible structure for the videos.

We want the videos to be visually enticing so the viewer turns on the sound, but if they don’t, they still get the message.



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