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Navy Federal Credit Union

Thank you for your time and for considering us for your upcoming projects. Here is the landing page we discussed featuring some of our favorite work. The first reel contains mainly broadcast with a little “Behind the Scenes” Fun at the end. We include a 1-2 minute “Behind the Scenes” Video for ALL client projects at NO CHARGE. We have found that they LOVE the additional content for Social Media, Client Meetings and Website Content. The next reel features some pretty strong motion graphics (at least we think so!) and the final reel is a Sizzle Reel that made it up the ladder at HGTV to their “Green Light Meeting” but was not picked up. To date, we’ve sold one pilot with four others moving up inside several networks. We thought you might like to see it! Here are a few talking points for your internal discussions:

*Studio Center Staff completed 100% of ALL of these shoots with only a few freelance crew positions utilized (Gaffer, etc.)

*Studio Center Staff completed 100% of the post production in house including audio post, video post, graphics, color correction, logos and voice over.

*Studio Center Staff Producers handled all Pre Production, Field Production and Post Production. Most importantly, our Producers handle ALL billing.

*With our model, you can work with the same crew EVERY time if you like them. Our clients love the consistency as it shortens project times and lowers costs.

*Studio Center has 300 EXCLUSIVE Voice Talent on our roster and over 750 On Camera Talent under contract. Our 12 Casting Directors handle ALL Auditions and provide 24/7 Casting Services!

*We have 15 writers under contact for script clean up or “ideation” when needed (IF needed!).

If you need anything else, please email or call and we’ll jump on it. Thank you again for the opportunity!

William Prettyman
[email protected]


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