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Dave Davis

Dave Davis

Dave Davis joined Studio Center in 1976 as a photographer, providing photographic and research support for syndicated news graphics services.  When Studio Center made its first foray into video production he became the lighting director and eventually learned to edit video.  FUN FACT:  Dave produced a spot that won Studio Center its first Telly Award!  In 1992, Dave took on a new role as an audio engineer.  Skilled at directing voice talent and troubleshooting ISDN connections, in 2011 Dave was promoted to Operations Manager.  

It was in this role that Dave became the "go-to guy" for MANY things.  He would set up and repair audio and video equipment, computers, and software programs.  He took care of security and internet issues and made sure our studios, offices, parking lot, and landscaping were all kept in top-notch shape.  Dave handled the setup for all new employees, from office space to phones, log-on credentials, and training on various programs related to their new jobs.  Any questions...just ask Dave.  If the printer wasn't working you called Dave.  If there was an unexpected spill or the bathroom toilets were clogged, you called Dave.  If you wanted to find an old photo from 1967, you asked Dave.  And all the while, with his calm demeanor he made everyone feel at ease. 

Dave has seen it all—the transition from the first office on 22nd Street in downtown Norfolk, to the move to Virginia Beach and even the expansion from East to West Coast locations. Through it all Dave was the constant, ready to tackle whatever challenges that arose. Long days, late nights, and occasional weekends were all part of the job for Dave and he handled them with a practical, get-it-done attitude.

In the world of Studio Center, Dave Davis wasn't just the Operations Manager—he was an unsung hero who played a crucial role for 47 years, shaping Studio Center's success. His legacy is one of hard work, resilience, and a good sense of humor, proving that sometimes, it’s the guy behind the scenes who makes all the difference.