Lese D.

Lese's warm, soothing voice can bring thoughtfulness and depth to any script.

  • Game Changing Initiatives
    announcer, confident, conversational, folksy, informative, inspirational, midlife, mother, motivational, narrative, sincere, soft-spoken, storyteller, warm
  • One Track Mind
    compelling, confident, cool, ominous, sexy, smooth
  • Spa
    compelling, mellow, soft-spoken, warm
  • Florida
    friendly, genuine, inspirational, narrative, thoughtful
  • Connecting With People
    caring, concerned, mellow, neutral, professional, soft-spoken, storyteller, sweet
  • ADHD
    announcer, authoritative, corporate, friendly, sweet, thoughtful
  • Delivery
    caring, corporate, mother, motivational, neutral, sincere, soft-spoken, thoughtful
  • Variety Show
    classy, conversational, cool, jazzy, mellow, neutral
  • A Fresh New Way
    announcer, caring, friendly, genuine, informative, neutral, perky, retail, sincere, soft-spoken, upbeat, warm

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