Laurel H.

Laurel has a great range covering young, smooth, sexy, friendly, fun, warm and motherly. She can deliver a fast and coherent disclaimer as well as cover a range of characters from soccer mom to newscaster to conversational girl next door.

  • KMart spot
    corporate, friendly, hard-sell, promo, retail
  • Neutrogena spot
    classy, cool, friendly, mellow, sexy, smooth, warm
  • Claritin spot
    classy, coach, confident, conversational, friendly, fuzzy, girl-next-door, homespun, mother, motivational, promo, soccer mom, thoughtful
  • Hurley Family to the Extreme
    caring, conversational, friendly, fuzzy, genuine, girl-next-door, holiday, imaging, nostalgic, promo, sincere, smooth, sweet, thoughtful, warm
  • Newscaster read
    announcer, newscaster, professional, smooth
  • Wake Up Call
    character, concerned, conversational, cool, friendly, humorous, imaging, informative, smooth
  • Baked Chips
    confident, conversational, cool, corporate, friendly, genuine, informative, promo, retail
  • Disclaimer read
  • Extreme Entertainment
    caring, classy, confident, cool, friendly, promo, retail, sincere, smooth, thoughtful
  • Tylenol spot
    caring, conversational, cool, friendly, informative, serious, sincere, sophisticated, sweet, thoughtful
  • Home Contoller
    confident, conversational, cool, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, smooth
  • Showcase Demo - Laurel H

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