Kristi M.

  • Blue Label
    anti-announcer, attitude, confident, cool, edgy, gravelly, homespun, raspy, romantic, sexy, smooth, soft-spoken
  • Best, Best and Best
    animated, attitude, authoritative, confident, cool, gravelly, motivational, raspy, upbeat
  • Turkey Bacon Crumblz
    conversational, cool, folksy, gravelly, homespun, mellow, narrative, raspy, sincere, smooth, storyteller, warm
  • IT
    announcer, corporate, informative, long form, mellow, narrative, neutral, professional, smooth, technical
  • Smoke-Free
    anti-announcer, authoritative, compelling, confident, cool, gravelly, informative, motivational, narrative, raspy, serious, thoughtful
  • Accord
    confident, conversational, cool, friendly, gravelly, raspy, upbeat, warm
  • Orthopedic
    announcer, caring, friendly, genuine, gravelly, mellow, motivational, narrative, raspy, sincere, soft-spoken, warm

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