Obtain Clearance for Copyrighted Music & Song Reproduction

music clearance note imageSo you've decided to use a portion of a popular song for your Radio or TV Commercial, Non-Broadcast Project or Website! HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU PULL IT OFF? It's actually quite simple but VERY TIME CONSUMING!

Let Studio Center HELP! We'll do all of the work once you've given us just a little information.

  1. Do you want to use the Actual Performance?
  2. Do you just want the rights and have the song recreated? (Always LESS expensive!)
  3. If so, would you want to change the words?
  4. What format? (Radio TV, Web Usage, Movie, etc.)
  5. Where will it air?
  6. How long will you need the rights?
  7. What is YOUR BUDGET?

Publishers, Labels, Agents, and Musicians ALWAYS WANT TO KNOW "HOW MUCH?" before they do any legwork!

"Why in the heck do these songs cost so much?" It's so expensive because so MANY people are taking a cut! Writers, Publishers, Agents, Performers, Record Labels and US!

Is it worth it? YES! YOU want the song because YOU know it and love it AND because millions of others also know it and love! GOOD MUSIC SELLS! It always has. Music generates warm feelings and warm feelings generate trust and trust... GENERATES SALES!

How about a Ketchup Company using "Anticipation" to move product?

If you can afford it, DO IT! Let Studio Center handle ALL of the RESEARCH, PHONE CALLS, AND...NEGOTIATING FOR YOU! We've got it!

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