How cool are jingles?

Jingles have been an enormously popular marketing and branding tool for decades. They have also been stuck in our brains for years! Not yours? Really? How about “It’s the Real Thing” (Coke) or I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Wiener” (Oscar Mayer) and don’t forget “M’m, M’m good” (Campbell’s Soup). Most of these Jingles haven’t run in years yet we can ALL still sing along to them. Why? Because they work! NOTHING works better than a well written and well produced Jingle for name awareness and recognition.

Here at Studio Center, we LOVE Jingles and our customers LOVE our Jingles. We produce hundreds of terrific Jingles every year that contribute to hundreds of successful campaigns. In fact, Studio Center has won the “Best in Show” Silver Microphone Award for the best Jingle in the ENTIRE country! And you thought that all we did was produce great commercials!

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