RX plugins

Did a run through scenario of recording a live audition and uploading it to the website. An audition is like

a demo for a voice track, something companies can use when trying to select a certain type of voice for

a commercial. We also discussed some possibilities for routing Source Connect other ways inside of Pro

Tools. Sat in and helped assist Shippley as usual, learned about some more in depth plugins like RX- d-

verb which helps remove air/clicks. There is the RX plugin called De-esser which shortens and removes

the “sssss” or hissing sound that the letter “s” naturally produces, Declick, which removes any clicks and

weird vocal disturbances like mouth smacking. Denoise which can analyze a certain frequency and

remove it from the audio recording. Declip helps repair audio tracks that are distorted and “redline”

which causes them to distort. Depop can remove plosives easily. Its pretty cool to see all of these effects

in action and see how well they remove all the issues inside of audio. Shippley was excited too, he never

used the RX plugins because they only became available because Jeremy brought them with him from

Las Vegas on an iLok. Later in the week, I went to an on site recording session with Shippley to record

Joe Gibbs, the former Red-Skins coach at Priority Toyota which is run by Dennis Elmer. We headed to

the video building to pick up the equipment, and then headed out to Chesapeake. We recorded some

room tone, and then for the recording itself, I couldn’t be present. (Less chance of something going

wrong like extra sound, and less chance of Joe Gibbs being nervous). We got back and then uploaded

the recording, and then took the gear back. Shippley worked on some other commercial work after that

as well, and we spent more time going over the RX plugins inside of Protools.

Jean-Luc C

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