Never Thought I Would Be On a Live Set!

I was able to help Matt and the Film crew out on a shoot on Thursday! I felt like i really contributed to something really cool and never thought i would be on a live set. Working with both directors on set was a real treat and i knew that i would walk away with some vital audio experience. I was specifically working the boom and different wireless mics to ensure the best audio quality for the shoot! The past month was great as well as i worked with talent and continued learning how to patch in clientele! The best part of this was shooting with Matt and i was so excited about working on set and cant wait for the next opportunity. Hopefully i can continue to do all i can do help SC and soak up as much i can before my time here come to an end.

This upcoming semester i will be working hand on with Pro-Tools using my computer from school and this way i will be getting some real auditions in my brain! Im so excited for what is to come! Thank you SC!

Dylan L. RVA Audio Intern

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