My first week as an intern

After having completed my first week as an intern here at Studio Center, I can honestly say that I am on my way to learning some very valuable information and skills that will help me in the future as well as contribute to my career in the field of audio production. Each day I had the opportunity to sit in on sessions as Matt gave me an overview of what was going on, who was involved, and what to do during those sessions. I also got to assist in getting the clients ready for their audition when they would come in. I learned to adjust the microphone that they would be using according to their height, make sure they have their script, and to always ask if they wanted a bottle of water. Once the client was all set, Matt would then explain to me how to adjust their levels so that it was just before the point of peaking. Another interesting concept that I was able to learn was the microphone recording technique called the ‘Mid-Side Configuration’. This recording technique is done my using a microphone that is able to record using the cardioid polarity pattern and a microphone that is able to record using the figure-8 polarity pattern. The figure-8 microphone is placed to record left and right, while the cardioid microphone is placed above the figure-8 microphone to record the front. As a result of this, a beautiful sound is captured from the room, all from the use of only two microphones. What I also got to do that I found to be very enjoyable was to learn a few things on ProTools from Matt. Also, another audio production intern experimented with some of the various effects while on ProTools and I learned some things from watching him. Matt also showed me some things on the control board, such as how to record from it and how to enable talking from the other booth. I learned so much all at once and I’m making it a point to keep it all stored. It’s so much! I’m having a really great time and I’m open for what more is to come!

Dejuan .L



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