Auditions & Casting

This week was really interesting as I got to sit in with Chris and watch auditions for roles in a informational video for a school. I got to experience the different types of talent we have on our roster here at studio center. That was really cool to see how they are done and how Chris directs them to get the role the clients are looking for. I learned a lot from Chris this week. Like how to patiently coach talent on what the client is looking for, to directing talent on how that was a good take but it can be done much better. I also had the chance to revise our voice bank which has over 200 diverse companies in it. The voice bank is used to make sales calls to those companies in hopes they are looking for talent to fill for projects they are working on. Though it is very tedious work it's a very vital part of sales call and important to the growth of studio center.

Christian M

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