The Customer's Always Right!

Every once in a while we get some really nice feedback from our clients. Here are just a few:


"Your staff are fantastic! They are prompt, easy to work with, understanding, helpful and go the extra mile."

"Friendly people who are also very talented. Made my ideas better. Always willing to make changes, very patient"

What did you Love about working with us? "Quick response. Provided options."

What could we do better next time? "Everything was great. No changes requested."

"Everyone was very friendly & helpful with negotiating rates."

"You all just make it so easy to get work done! Especially last minute requests."

"I apologize for this unsolicited email, but I wanted to reach out and let you all know about the incredible hustle and hardwork put in this weekend by Jessica Lasorsa and Peter Pope.

This is not the first time I’ve reached out to Jessica at an absurd hour or weekend because a project has gone off the rails. She has responded to my emails after any reasonable business hours when she is clearly out and about and enjoying her personal time. She’s done so without even a hint of annoyance or resentment or even a trace of passive aggression, i.e. there’s been no ‘You’re not bothering me, I’m just out having a drink with some friends’.  She’s been that devoted to us.  This weekend was just another example of that. She is on and is representing Studio Center like it’s her own business. As someone who hires and manages people, that’s an amazing quality to have in an employee – an owner’s mentality. 

I realize that there is a cost to this level of response on our end – but regardless, it’s important to me that you know how seriously she takes Studio Center’s clients. 

Also – I’ve never worked with Peter Pope before, but he too was wrangled into an emergency this weekend. I feel horrible reporting that he was calling/texting/juggling several requests of mine while he was driving around – again, without a hint of annoyance and nothing but 100% assurance that they were going to take care of me. 

You have two total pros minding the fort and taking care of your clients. I really wanted to let you all know!"

"Quick n easy :)"

What did you Love about working with us? "The team was knowledgeable, professional, responsive, creative and positive! I loved the can-do attitude!"

What could we do better next time? "Honestly, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Keep doing what you're doing! Basecamp is a great tool. Great way to communicate!"

What did you Love about working with us? "I'm always impressed with the responsoveness of everyone in the project. Professional in every aspect."

What could we do better next time? "Rarely if ever can I find a complaint. Certainly none now."

"We are one of your new clients. I wanted to write you a quick note to give kudos to Katelyn. She does everything very well and represents your brand in a powerful/positive way. It’s rare that an account executive makes us feel in such good care and excited to work with a new company as quickly as she has. She mentioned that she leaned everything from you so I wanted to pass along that she’s doing an awesome job. We are thrilled to be with you all and already feeling that we made the right decision to move away from our prior video production house. If the actual project we do with you goes as well as Katelyn has setup everything for this new relationship between our two companies, I see a very bright and positive relationship between our two companies with many projects ahead."

What did you Love about working with us? "You guys know me and my business"

What could we do better next time? "not a darn thing"



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