Why YOU Should NEVER Skimp on YOUR Audio

"Video Without Audio is JUST Surveillance!” This is SO true! You may have seen our piece highlighting this before. If you haven’t, please watch now.

It delivers a stunning demonstration in the INCREDIBLE Importance of Audio to ALL Video. If Audio is ESSENTIAL to ALL forms of Video Production, then why do we hear a tremendous amount of BAD AUDIO everywhere?

Well, times are tough. 9% Unemployment STILL lingers. The Housing Market is a “train wreck” with New Construction down 24% last month! Radio and TV Advertising Revenue continues to stall with downward adjustments daily. Heck, even Wal-Mart saw Q1 Sales DROP 1.1%. So until some Political Party (“Anybody out there?”), cobbles together a pork-laden plan to generate jobs and kick start the US Economy, we’re all going to continue to deal with VERY tight advertising and production budgets.

Tighter budgets should NOT mean eliminating Audio Post Production on EVERY Video Job or turning the work over to “Hacks” to save a few bucks. Here are a few Tips for producing terrific work in tough times:

  • Have EVERY Project run through Audio Post! (We require it here at Studio Center!)

  • NEVER let a Video Editor mix your Audio! NEVER! They SAY they can do it but they CAN’T DO IT! (We do NOT let our Video Editors even pretend to handle the Audio Post!) Would you let your Audio Engineer cut your Video?

  • ONLY use reputable Production Houses. There are still some terrific shops out there!

  • Use the same Audio and Video Post People as often as possible. You’ll begin to develop a synergy that will allow you to finish each other’s sentences! This connection will allow you to save time, Production Hours, and MONEY!

  • Take the Money out of the Media Buy! TV and Radio are hurting because of the one-two punch of a prolonged Recession and the growth of Online Media (not to mention their own Self Destructive Behavior like producing crap for years with no regard for their customers). I’ll save that for another Blog! Now is the absolute VERY best time to squeeze them on rate! START SQUEEZING!

  • Remember, MORE Bad Impressions is NOT Better than FEWER REALLY GOOD ONES!


William Prettyman