Macy in Santa Monica Studio
Studio Center Hosts “Shameless” Star, William H. Macy

William H.Macy picture

Virginia Beach, VA – March 6, 2014. Studio Center, headquartered in Virginia Beach, Va., played host last week to the award-winning actor and star of Showtime TV’s “Shameless”, William H. Macy.

Mr. Macy was in Studio Center’s Santa Monica location reading narration for Pangolin Picture’s upcoming documentary about SMART - Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool - an innovative software application that helps rangers fight illegal trade in wildlife.

Executives from Pangolin were in Studio Center’s New York City studios where Mr. Macy’s voice-over was recorded via ISDN and then mixed for use in the documentary. Pangolin Pictures has not yet announced the release date for the documentary or the channel on which it will air.

Chris Arbisi, Studio Center NYC Audio Producer/Engineer said, “In all my years of working on VO’s, I have never met someone who delivered dialog with such conviction. Each word that came out of his mouth had meaning and weight that only a pro like Mr. Macy is known to deliver.”

Commenting on Mr. Macy, William “Woody” Prettyman, Studio Center CEO, said “We are all HUGE fans of Mr. Macy and were blown away by his professionalism, humor and lack of pretentiousness. Personally, he is one of my favorite working actors and who doesn’t love his portrayal of Frank Gallagher?”