Know Any Good Web Guys?

“Hey, do you all know any good web guys?” Here at Studio Center we heard that question hundreds of times while meeting or working with clients on Audio or Video Projects. Time and time again, we had to say “No, sorry.” After 7 years, 4 Websites, and 4 different companies, our First Hand Experiences were SO BAD that we didn’t feel comfortable recommending ANYONE for Website Design and Development! WHAT? We had invested well over $100,000 with several companies and had received Customer Service ranging from bad to HORRIFIC! The following things actually took place during our various Site Projects:

  • ALL of the Contracted Companies missed EVERY deadline. EVERY ONE.
  • A Designer made his Developer cry on a Conference Call with us.
  • ALL of our Talent was tagged wrong. ALL.
  • Our “Search Feature” didn’t work. Fairly important when SEARCHING TALENT!
  • I had to design our current site and submit “sketches”.
  • We heard the phrase “Not included in the agreed upon scope of work” FAR too much!
  • We were “nickel and dimed” for every little change. Shouldn’t “Making the Customer Happy” be included in the “Scope of Work”?
  • Our Video Player didn’t work for months. This is NOT good as we produce VIDEO!
  • We were locked out of our own CMS (Content Management System).
  • We were constantly encouraged to “launch” within days of Beta Testing despite HUNDREDS of errors! The faster we launch, the faster they get the last payment!
  • Our Site was NEVER Optimized!
  • Our CMS was held “hostage” until we paid an extra $2500 for OUR SITE!

All of this got me thinking: “Hmmm. We keep getting asked about Websites, SEO, Mobile Sites, etc. AND we can’t find anyone worth a crap to do our ongoing site work so...WHY DON’T WE HIRE GREAT PEOPLE AND START A DIGITAL DIVISION HERE AT STUDIO CENTER???” Gee, it only took 3 years before it finally clicked (insert CEO Jokes Here). Beginning last July, we started assembling some of the very best Site Developers, Designers, SEO Specialists, and SEM Gurus. Then we started designing sites, developing sites, optimizing them, while refining our processes and making sure that EVERY Customer was thrilled. We NEVER once uttered “Not in the agreed upon scope of work.” Our Formula is simple: Hire Good People. Do good work. Treat ALL New Media Customers the same way we have treated our Audio and Video Customers for 45 years, like GOLD. Check out our DIGITAL Pages and call us for a Free Estimate. Now you DO know “Some Good Web Guys”.

William Prettyman