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Q & A from Inside BusinessRecently Butch Maier from Inside Business sat down with William Prettyman, Christine Jones and Malina Finan of the Studio Center Entertainment team, for a little Q & A about their new programming venture.

An excerpt of the article is below.
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"Will you only produce unscripted shows or are you going to leave the door open for scripted? Or it's just too expensive?

William "Woody" Prettyman, Studio Center CEO: I leave the door open for anything, and I'll tell you why: I've been approached with 15 scripts for documentary movies. I'd lean more to the documentary at some point because it could be a passion thing if I found something I love or hit home, if it's someone I love.

What do you have planned?

Christine Cipriani Jones, Studio Center Entertainment vice president: It runs the gamut. Unscripted encompasses a lot of different types of shows. There's reality, docuseries - which can differ from reality - competition, cooking, docudrama, which encompasses some re-creations.

Can you say how many shows you have set up?"
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